Making the Best of a Bad Situation

If you don’t suffer from allergies you are lucky. Allergies inflict their own type of misery and usually if a person has one type of allergy over time they may come to develop another. People who are allergic to tree pollen in the spring may find they are allergic to spores in the fall. No, it doesn’t seem fair at all, does it?

When the medicine is nearly as bad as the symptoms

Much as an allergy sufferer needs to alleviate the symptoms sometimes taking the meds is its own misery. An antihistamine will fix runny noses, sneezes and eyes. But it makes a person seriously thirsty for the full 24 hours each tablet lasts.

It is not surprising that many sufferers try to manage their symptoms or at least ameliorate them with natural remedies and allergy support supplements.

Natural remedies

Some people are skeptical about natural remedies but as any sufferer will tell you they will have experimented with the over-the-counter remedies available to try and find the perfect drug. Sometimes an antihistamine works, other times it is loratadine. Some have been great in the past but don’t work now.

It’s no wonder natural remedies have their place because mainstream remedies sometimes don’t.

Finding the perfect balance

Some allergies are life-threatening. A reaction that causes anaphylaxis or triggers a severe asthma attack need the right medicines quickly and it is critical to treat them with the seriousness they require.

allergy support supplement

But for sneezing and runny eyes, it makes sense to try the homeopathic remedies in case they do work. Sometimes it is possible to get them to work as a low-grade maintenance against average symptoms. The sufferer can top up with inhalers etc. when they will come into contact with a big threat.