Things To Do For Your Children Who Are Graduating High School

You never thought it would happen, but 18 years went by in a blink of an eye and you are now the proud parent of a high school senior, soon to be a high school graduate. Your kid is probably overwhelmed at the prospect of being an adult and taking the next step in life. Do they go to college or do they go to work? And how can you help your child during this huge transition?

Before doing anything, be sure to commemorate the year, so your child can look back on it with fond memories. It may not seem like it to you, but this is when adulthood begins for them. They need something to look back on when remembering this achievement of independence, and you don’t want another 18 years to fly by without pictures with which to remember this important transition. Although most will have school photos, you’ll be happier finding a professional photographer to get senior pictures taken lake orion.

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After celebrating, anticipation for what’s to come sets in. Your child has probably been accepted into a couple schools by now, if they’re planning on attending college. The best thing to do for them is to stand by with your support. You may be tempted to take over, fill out applications and important paperwork for them, but don’t let the urge win. The best thing to do is let them figure out how things work and get a handle on this new role they fill. It’s a strange place to be: still a student, but suddenly an adult. Let them ask you for help, but be sure to help them learn on their own. Later down the road they will need some assistance with taxes, buying a car or a home, but for now they are in that precarious space where they simple need to test the waters of independence.